Mary Queen of Scots Christmas Ornament Craft Challenge

Christmas is approaching and we are getting into the festive spirit and launching our own craft challenge – we invite you to make you own Mary Queen of Scots inspired Christmas ornament!

The approach of Christmas, Covid-lockdowns and the need for indoor-based festive projects has inspired the ‘Mary Queen of Scots DIY Christmas Ornament Craft Challenge.’ We would like to invite you (and your children) to make you own Mary Queen of Scots inspired Christmas ornaments. Take inspiration from the range of Marian objects the have been featured and discussed in past blog posts here on the MQS Project website.

We are imagining some fantastic ornaments using Billy Grove’s MQS comics or Sally Tuckett’s Victorian fancy dress or perhaps even inspired by the NMS heart locket or harp, but the possibilities are endless!

This is an example of a handmade Christmas ornament of the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) not Mary Queen of Scots, but you get the idea!

If you are particularly artistic, feel free to take the challenge in your own direction, but for those who need a little more inspiration, we would suggest decoupage – use printed images of Mary or Marian objects (the thiner the paper, the easier this process is).You can make the main form of your Christmas ornament out of found objects around the house or buy paper mache baubles that provide a blank slate to work on. This is one example of a Disney inspired decoupage bauble and you can find quite a good tutorial on decoupage here.

If you would like to take part, send your photos of your process and results of the challenge (with your preferred caption and inspiration) to, by December 21st and we will share all the results here on the MQS website on December 22nd.

If you want to share your results on social media, tag us at @insearchofmqs and use the hashtags #MaryQueenofScots and #Christmas or #Xmas

We hope that all the Christmas ornaments that you make will feature on the Christmas tree that will grace the lobby of Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow in December 2022 during the planned exhibition on the university’s Marian objects.

We envision this as a fun, collaborative legacy of the MQS research project, which has been so successful, despite the challenges of Covid-19. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!

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